Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pamela David (Naked Body Paint)

The photo of Pamela David semi naked for the Argentina

Actress Pamela David found herself in a predicament when she showed her breasts in the match in which Argentina defeated Mexico 3-1 for the 2010 World Cup. The Argentina fans celebrated a double victory.
The gift of Pamela is not unprecedented. Not so long ago, the anchor from “Animales Suelto” had participated in a very suggestive photo shoot with a few clothes from Argentina. However, she had never put so much “chest” to the team.
On Saturday July 3, Argentina faces Germany in the quarter-finals, on the second shift (11:00 hours in Argentina). Will the star show more in order to get a victory that puts the team in the semifinals?

pamela david 005111111 630x650 Pamela David knows how to wear a shirt
Argentinian actress and model Pamela David did a little photo shoot for yet another in the long line of great non-American lad magazines. This time is was for something named Gente. And also in the tradition of non-American lad magazines, it was a great photo shoot. You know what I really like about Pamela David (other than the obvious)? Twice in the past year or so I have linked to topless pics of her. Yeah… now you don’t have to imagine what those babies look like, you can see for yourself. Happy Monday to you.



photo of Pamela David

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